Brides Pre Registration

In order for you to attend a Brides Across America event at a salon nearest you, you must pre register.

A $20.00 event charge will allow the bride enterance into the event. 

*Your donation is tax deductable and we will send you a receipt for your records. 

This event is first come first serve and there is a limited amount of wedding gowns.  By pre registering each salon will be able to estimate how many gowns and sizes they will need on hand for the event. 

If you choose to go to several salons you will need to register for each salon.  Please specify which salon you will be attending in the blank box provided on the form. If you are unable to attend and event we apologize but the fee is non refundable. 

*Please note if you attend more than one event.  You are allowed to select one wedding gown only.


Scholarships are available so please email us if you need assistance with the fee.


Brides Pre Registration
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Price $20.00